Your web design should connect with your audience.

 7 in 10 businesses flop because they fail to connect with their target audience.

So, do you know your audience in Bath.

According to Google, great marketing and great web design begins and ends with the audience. But if you want great conversion, then marketing to the right audience is essential.

Focusing your website’s message, advertising promotions, and content to your identified audience filters out unnecessary traffic and entices high potential leads.

Your target audiences are the predetermined recipients of your all marketing efforts. They are the intended group whom you want to reach and convert into paying customers.

You can identify your target audience by asking these questions: Who are they? What’s their demographic (age, education level, profession, location)? What’s their most pressing issue, problem, or desire? How does your product solve their problem?

The Best Web design

AUDIENCE 1The art of web design is about combining your website design with your marketing strategy so that you at least meet the expectations of your audience.

Knowing your audience enables you to take advantage of the web design process and marketing strategy whilst focusing on what you already know about your customers.

Your current and future customers must feel comfortable when visiting and using your website. The best web design is is one that is able to convince  customers to trust you and engage with the site long enough to spark product interest.

Here are some facts and figures about your audience in The City of Bath

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