Is your small business website effectively pulling in visitors, keeping them around and converting them to customers?

If your website is a little more than an online placeholder, it’s time to start putting it to work so you can grow your business and take advantage of the huge potential consumer base for the online market.

So how do we achieve this?


Visibility is a hugely important concept. We can build the best website in the world but it becomes pointless if nobody’s going to use it.

Your website should become part of a marketing sales system in your business. This could be something you already do to actively generate leads, and methods you use to keep existing clients onboard.

So how do we make your business visible online?

Here are a few methods below:

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

We can make your website, over time, show up higher on Google search results.  More people will find your business through natural searches when using search engines like Google.

SEO is massive, books have been written on this subject explaining the concepts and philosophies involved. However, in simple terms, websites should adhere to the needs of search engines as most people search for information organically, using companies like Google.  Google wants to give its users the best user experience it can. This means it has an obligation to serving up acurate results securely to a given search criteria. Google will crawl (automatically inspect your website) using their algorythnm, to make sure your site is what it says it is and has the relavent information their users have requested. This is a continual, ongoing analysis of your site.

SEO is vital to visibilty. If you do nothing else, DO SEO!