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Project Description

The FED Project

A National child nutrition security program for Malawi

A proposal to The Malawi Government.  The G8 group of nations has rightly shifted focus from food security to nutrition security. Malawi has entered an agreement with the G8 to deliver nutrition security to her citizens, particularly her children. Nutrition is a basic human right of any child, enshrined by both the Malawi Bill of Rights and the United Nations Convention of Children Rights. A child denied nutrition is equally denied a right to live.

A wonderful humanitarian project to be involved with. The whole program needed branding, brochure, flyer and website design.  The brochure was very factual and the layout was designed to communicate the important data surrounding the solution to saving lives of the Malawi children. Not many images but the layout was the most important part of the brochure (apart from the content).

I recreated the Government Crest for printing and produced a website to support the brochure.