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Freelance Internet Services


What can you expect from me?

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Over 25 years working in IT, across different disciplines,  has given me a wealth of experience. B2B , B2C and Public sectors. No project is the same and each comes with it’s own challenges, therefore bringing new skills to my portfolio. Your business stands to gain from that experience.

My indirect cost of working as a freelancer are many times smaller than that of an agency style of business. The way I can work flexibly also reduces my overheads. My business methodology means I can offer extremely competitive prices. You may be surprised.

An employee needs to be trained, either initially or when their skills need to be updated.  You can have freedom from these costs as I am accustomed to self training and learning.

Updating my skill base is a continuous necessity to be able to offer best advice and meet clients expectations.

Frankly, the main reason why I opted to become a freelancer is to have the ability to set my own measure of a work life balance. Apart from being a happy worker this flexibility can work in your favour too.

Often, I am working outside normal business hours,  responding to clients needs, and sometimes this when the work needs to be done.

Pro-active Attitude
My services are not complete unless they are backed up by offering “Best Advice”.
When you are my client, I am bound to keep you up to date with methods and technologies that are relevant to enhancing your business in terms of your internet needs.

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Michael Woodland

Freelance Internet Consultant & Designer.

With over 25 years working with the Internet, I started when pictures and colours didn’t exist online and Google wasn’t even a word.  My skill base and experience encompasses most of the internet skills spectrum and enables me to offer a high level of creativity, inspiration and business support.

If you would like to know a little more about me then please [click here]

Michael is a talented designer in both print and internet work. He offers outstanding value and we highly recommend him

Jon Maguire
Director Sunergi Ltd

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